A Little About Me

Always wanted to be an artist, but had no desire to struggle as a “starving artist”. After some planning and saving, attended Art Center School in Los Angeles... But that's just part of the story.

I was born and raised in the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon. I attended Lewis and Clark College for a short time, majoring in secretarial science.

My greatest wish was to be an artist, however, did not want to be a “starving artist,” and knew the practical reasons I might have to work in an office to put bread on the table. While a student at Lewis and Clark, I was employed part time in a department store and library. I scrupulously saved my pennies and finally decided to venture forth and sign up for art training at Art Center School in Los Angeles. Alas, my expenses in art supplies and tuition used up the meager savings quickly and I found it necessary to seek work in an office.

Then Gene Chin came into my life, proposed marriage, and we settled in Los Angeles for a few years. Mr. Chin, now a CPA, was offered an auditor position in Yokosuka, Japan, as Navy civilian, and later joined U.S. Agency for International Development in more overseas assignments, including Thailand, Philippines, Egypt, Yemen, and Egypt again. During this time, I worked temporarily as secretary for various U.S. agencies and companies, and finally USAID hired me on a permanent basis as Executive Assistant,. Gene and I were then assigned as a “tandem” couple. We both retired in 1991.

Sadly, I was recently widowed, and now am devoting all my time and energies to art related activities – art shows, plein air paint-outs, club memberships (California Art Club, Pasadena Society of Artists, Glendale Art Assn., Verdugo Hills Art Assn, and Silverlake Art Collective), etc.

I enjoy working with oil paints as well as watercolors as you will see by the paintings in this website. Portraits, still life, and are what I love. Many of the still life paintings are of items we collected from our overseas travel, the portraits are of interesting faces of friends and models, and the Landscapes are of places I am familiar with – Oregon and Southern California locations.

GPACC (senior center) is an important part of my activities – art related, of course. The other part is Sasha, a little dog adopted from the animal shelter in January 2014. Sasha is a real joy – full of energy and mischief.

My Paintings